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Kikyusa, Uganda

I (Tim) was invited to speak at a Village Church in Kikyusa, Uganda and taught for an hour on the hope and power of the resurrection. Kikyusa is about 90 minutes north of Kampala in a very rural area.

Please pray that my message penetrated the hearts of those who needed the hope and healing of the resurrection and that the church members will reach their neighbors with the powerful, life-changing Gospel.  Thank you for your partnership!

Tim with Pastor & Joseph & Apollo Church

Good News Church Delhi

On Sunday, July 24th, I had the privilege of speaking at the Good News Church in Delhi in two services and spoke from Psalm 130.  We saw 12 people respond to the Gospel invitation!  There were about 300 in attendance and it was a blessing to see God move on the hearts and spirits of these dear people.

We had fellowship after the services and shared a meal together.  During this time I was very encouraged to learn more about the ministries of Good News Church.  They support 7 cell groups and reach around 7000 children weekly through Bible Clubs.  They also have an outreach to Orisi State using the Jesus film and medical clinics.  In addition, they have also translated the Gospels of Matthew and Luke into a local dialect that has the potential to reach 18 million people!

Thank you for your continued financial and prayer support.  I am on my way to Uganda and Kenya to meet, teach and encourage national pastors/evangelists.  A team of 15 from the States will join me in Uganda next week for an outreach hosted by nationals.  Please continue to pray!  More to come!

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