August 2015 Newsletter

With our US team already in country, 22 Nigerian Forum evangelists hit the ground running, as we embarked on an amazing outreach-Transform Uganda! Here are just a few of the highlights of the mission:

  • Ten churches were planted and launched.
  • The culmination of two years of work, 22 evangelistic students graduated from the Forum
  • for Evangelists program created and led by Dr. Tim Robnett.
  • Thousands heard the Gospel in their own language thru showings of The Jesus Film.
  • Village women were taught in many of the villages. Eight to ten women prayed to receive Christ each day of Transform Uganda.






Pic 1:The Jesus Film (a new project funded by a generous TRM donor) was a big part of
Transform Uganda. Pic 2: Mae DIckason (upper left corner) taught about personal hygiene and health; Martha Wagner (white shirt) shared the Gospel, and they had a wonderful Ugandan translator named Doreen (pink shirt). Pic 3: Pastor John Chrysanthus Bala (in red cap) leads a congregation of 2,000 in Nigeria’s capital city of Abujah. He and his church share a passion for evangelism. He is now even more equipped as he graduates with his fellow evangelists. Continue reading