July 2015 Newsletter

Tim has asked me (Mike Parker) to write this month’s newsletter. I am very glad to be able to share with you many praises for all God has accomplished in the past two months of ministry. And what we are reporting to you, is a result of your faithful prayers and partnership–thank you!



Meal event attended by 240 in Akmeta, Georgia!

The goal of this mission–to preach the Gospel and to strengthen the churches through prayer¬†and preaching–was accomplished by God’s grace. Partnering with Roman is always a blessing, and we rejoiced as we saw the fruit of all our prayers.

The marriage conference and the evangelistic dinners were all very well attended. For the third evening meal event there were 240 people who came, 158 of them were guests,   and 110 men and women prayed to receive Christ. Praise God!

Please continue to pray that the churches will encourage and disciple the many who accepted Christ as savior.

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