Tim Robnett Ministries is currently partnering with Multnomah University  Tim Robnett is leading the Doctor of Ministry Global Evangelism track East West Ministries (Dallas, TX) in their Institute for Emerging Itinerant Evangelists (Spain, Egypt, India, Rwanda) The Izare Project (The Seed Company, Wycliffe Bible Translators) in Nigeria

Evangelism Coaching


Tim Robnett Ministries is available to coach local churches in developing a wholistic approach to reaching their communities for Christ.  The involves: An Assessment phase where careful reflecting is given to: The church members and their unique giftings The community and their unique needs Training in Biblical Evangelism for church members Creating a plan and […]



ETeam Global is a fraternity of Evangelists that are committed and active in training evangelists and equipping local churches in effective evangelism.  This will be a selected and invited group of evangelists that are committed to the purposes and values of the Tim Robnett Ministries. The goal will be to multiply themselves through the training […]


unnamed (2)Tim Robnett Ministries is about communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ in as many places and ways that the Lord allows.  Primarily our focus is to identify, affirm, train and network evangelists worldwide.  This happens through the network of ministries that Tim Robnett has made over the last 35+ years of ministry.

The NEED for identifying and affirming evangelists around the world is tremendous.  Bill Graham has often said, “Evangelists often give up after 10 years of ministry because they are so discouraged.”  After 20 years of direct ministry with preaching evangelists worldwide I can confirm that quote.

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